"HEEP is about Team Learning. We don't have one boss, one man, one woman or one person running the whole show. Each Participant plays a part in the outcome."



The following documents are here for your access and review.  The HEEP brochure summarizes HEEP in a two (2) page document.  The HEEP application and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) represent all necessary documents to submit an application to participate.  You can print these out to review and then proceed to the APPLY section on this website to submit your application online.


Once you enter the required information online, you will be emailed a link through which you can login to the HEEP website. Using the Username and Password that you entered in the first part of the application process login to your HEEP account. Either double-click on the HEEP application identified as “Original” or click on the Adobe PDF icon labeled “Download Application” in order to download a copy of your newly created HEEP application that you completed online.

After confirming the accuracy of the information, please print it out, sign in, have your signature on page 2 of the MOU witnessed by two individuals at least 18 years of age and then FAX it to 866-828-8948 along with the required documentation, putting the originals in the mail to the address on the MOU.  As an alternative to faxing any additional documents, if you have them in image or PDF form you can send them in by simply using the “Upload” feature in the Participant Area.  Simply use the “Choose File” button to locate the file on your computer and then click “Upload”.  Once the completed application has been received it will be placed in your online account for you to view along with a status as to the HEEP team’s formal review and registration.

All participants will also be required to complete the following Pledge Letter. Please read both pages carefully and enter the required information relevant details for your property and equity into the blank fields.  If you do not have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader you can go to http://www.adobe.com to download a free copy.


For Assistance Contact any of the coordinators listed below:

D.P. Dwyer (WA) Bob Laughlin (CA) bob@theheepbankers.com


Deposit Multiplier

Learn more about what a Deposit Multiplier is, and the principles behind this concept that has been used for years by banking institutions around the world. Read more here > or Watch a video >

Fractional Reserve Banking

Read and learn about what Fractional Reserve Banking is and why you should care. Read here >
You can also watch this this video on fractional reserve banking. Watch a video >


We recommend reading these books for our friends and associates to acquaint themselves with capital markets, and how they are intertwined and interconnected to banking. Nothing beats a proper understanding of these mechanisms and machinations by constant reading.

Next, get a copy of the Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms to understand financial technical terms, thereafter, and learn to connect the dots.

The Theft of Nations — Returning to Gold
- by Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera, Pelanduk Publications, Malaysia

WEB OF DEBT: The Shocking Truth About Our Money System
The sleight of hand that has trapped us in debt and how we can break free!
- by Ellen Hodgson Brown

The Merchant Bankers
- by Joseph Wechsberg

Paper Money, The Money Game, Supermoney
- by Adam Smith

The Conspiracy Against the Dollar
- by Peter Beter

New Profits From the Monetary Crisis
- by Harry Browne

Secrets of the Temple
- by William Greider
(Which outlines a comprehensive study of the inner workings of Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States of America)

THE BUILDERS: New Breed on Wall Street
- by Martin Mayer

Conflict of Interest: The Broker/Dealer Nexus
- by Martin Mayer

The Money Bazaars: Understanding the Banking Revolution Around Us
- by Martin Mayer

MARKETS: Who Plays, Who Risks, Who Gains, Who Loses
- by Martin Mayer

Whatever Happened to Madison Avenue
- by Martin Mayer

THE GREATEST EVER BANK ROBBERY: The Collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry
- by Martin Mayer

THE BANKERS: The Next Generation
- by Martin Mayer
(Guest Scholar, Economics Studies Program, The Brookings Institution)

THE GODS THAT FAILED: How the financial elite have gambled away our futures
- by Larry Elliott & Dan Atkinson

THE MONEY MACHINE: How the City Works
- by Phillip Coggan

THE POWER OF GOLD: The History of an Obsession
- by Peter L. Bernstein

The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street
- by John R Talbott

The Alchemy of Finance
- by George Soros

Financial Words You Should Know
- by Michele Cagan

Money of the Mind
- by James Grant

Gold: The Once and Future Money
- by John R Talbott

Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who broke the World
- by Liaquat Ahamed